Video tutorial

Take a look at the video showing CAFE tutorial on midship geometry modelling.


User guide

Take a look at the CAFE user guide.


CAFE training - additional info available on request

List of topics to be covered during CAFE training:

  • Introduction to the CAFE Graphical User Interface
    • Overview of the various toolbars
    • View options available
    • Project Explorer & Data Table
  • Basic modelling operations
    • Creating a geometry
    • Working with Guides
    • Advanced geometry manipulation – (Splitting, Copying, Mirroring)
    • Defining Stiffened Panels and Beams
    • Creating openings

Interactive modelling example of simple and complex Ship Structures

  • Basic curves and surfaces operations
    • Definition and manipulation of curves
    • Creation of loft surfaces
    • Creating loft surfaces based on imported hull lines
    • Projections and magnetic surfaces features
    • Creation of revolved surfaces

Interactive Modelling Example of simple and complex hull-form modelling

  • Meshing
    • Meshing parameters
    • Re-meshing
    • Exporting meshes

Interactive Modelling Example of meshing the created geometries

  • Basics of model analysis and post-processing in CAFE
  • Visualization of Model Parameters (Contour Plots)
  • Interactive demonstration of custom examples
  • Special course on rapid Conceptual Ship Design procedure


Training on the above subjects enables existing and prospective Users to exploit full potential of CAFE functionalities and significantly reduce modelling time.


Training services are provided in cooperation with SimFWD ltd.